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This topic is dear to me because owners and management teams struggle to have enough time in the day. Training is getting lost. That's not good.  I'm not talking about Culinary Institute of America training. I am talking about having a training in place to share the most important information and the values you care about. Here are ways you can train your staff:

Create an in-house training. You need this training to be spearheaded by someone who can dedicate themselves to keeping up with trainings. They need to be consistent (monthly/weekly/your choice). And you cannot afford to stop conducting training, once it starts. When an prospect is considering working at our place or another, statistics show that the one that offers training is more attractive to the prospective employee!

If you have a small team, these courses are useful: Restaurant Toolkits

If you have a larger team, and need a tailored course, then reach out to me. We'll talk about it, design it, and build it. Contact Martha here.

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It's essential to have training for staff. There are 14.7 million staff in the restaurant industry. Let's work to keep the standard high in the industry.  Each restaurant is only one in one million, literally!  One million is the round number for restaurants in the US. And with growth in the industry at rarely more than 5% year on year, having a staff that attracts guests to your restaurant, training them to communicate your brand to the customer, allows your place to stand out.