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Marketing starts with the small phrases and simple messages you say every day. Gather those thoughts, messages and what makes you unique in one place.  HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING QUICKLY is really helpful workbook. It's a free workbook. And it's easy to sit down each day, for 5 days, for 10 minutes; or, all in one solid hour.  Capturing the essence of your restaurant (or cafe, catering company, or brewery!) is only hard because you are so close to it every day.  When it's ready you are able to write a press release, post on social media with ease, training your staff and update your website!  Here are benchmarks for each.

  • Surely there is something newsworthy about your business ever quarter or semi-annually. That when you write a press release. Quarterly or semi-annual benchmarks are spearheaded by a PR agency, or it can be done internally. If you have the messages ready about your business, then the press release is simple to write.

  • You probably know that posting social media and keeping your website active is important, but when you go to post you might just sit there, stare at the photos and say, "I wish I knew what I was trying to say with this picture". I've got a great way to put this thought, this idea into action. That's what makes me happy--put an idea into action.

  • Having your message clear to staff accentuates your guests' experience. Training them to communicate your message, is branding in a nutshell. In fact, trained staff are marketing at each table, when they have the message and story to tell. It will bring guests back. Consider three benchmarks for bringing the message to life with staff: when onboarding staff--in their first few weeks; during ongoing training; and during regular staff reviews.

  • Your website needs to be updated for two reasons: google likes it, and customers like it. A quarterly update of your website is a good benchmark. Your business does evolve and change. Updating your photos makes your customers have a new view of your restaurant. I do not mean an overhaul of your website, just tweaks to fine tune the look and feel.

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You'll be glad when you've captured your message. Having it ready will keep you actively using the information. Remember there is a lot of competition. If you've been following this blog you know it's not about fighting against the competition, it's about capturing and sharing what makes your business unique. There are 14.7 million staff in the restaurant industry. Let's work to keep the standard high in the industry.  Each restaurant is only one in one million. Literally!  One million is the round number for restaurants in the US. Annual growth in the industry at rarely more than 5% year on year. Here's that link again. 

If you have a larger team, and need a tailored course, then reach out to me. We'll talk about it, design it, and build it. Contact Martha here.