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Restaurant owners don't have time to wander around dreamily imagining good social media. You don't know everything about social media, either. BUT, you need clarity, instruction and examples. Zeroing in on what makes good content on social media--that's what you need. So this month I am focusing on Instagram. I'm going to let my research speak for itself.  Here are good example of amazing social media from a restaurant.  Here's what I learned.


Vogue zeroes in on the idea that Instagram may benefit a restaurants bottom line better than Michelin stars.  Well, I beg to differ: those are two completely different goals.  But what is good content?  How can good instagram posts lead to enticing diners into your restaurant.  Here's Vogue's answer. 


Let's get put this stuff into action for you.  How can you get your instagram more engaging, and your followers moving into action? Well there are some great tricks in this article: 7 Proven Hacks to turn any restaurant into a powerhouse. Cool fact:  Instagram posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without. Imagine what you can do with around 24 (the typically allowable amount)!

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Honestly, we in the restaurant industry are clearly benefiting the most from this hashtagging. And then #foodporn is at 164million and counting, today!  Add your geographic location, to draw people into your restaurant, since people actually do look up #foodpornseattle.  What I love about Instagram and restaurant is that they are literally perfect for one another.  How terrific is it that this free social media can serve us so well, and nothing quite as amazing as this new Instagram Movies. They were 10 second, then ten minutes, now you choose how long you want them to be.  Looking for good instagram movie ideas? Here's a great article at BonAppetite


I hope you use these links to study up, and learn how to make instagram be effective.  Social media is one of the best tools, cheapest tools, you can use at your cafe, restaurant, bar, and catering company.  If you don't know how to do it, the info above gets you started.  If you aren't very confident, reach out to one of your staff. Set expectations of two posts a week, and start talking about the hashtags, content and what the followers enjoy.  But do not sit on your hands, when it comes to instagram. There is simply too much there to miss out!

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