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When you've been in business a while you get those pangs, "I should be posting once a day", "I should know what to say and what to hashtag".  Panicking never helps.  Deciding a strategy does help.  Simply put, you can write down the answers to WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN AND WHY, and you'll be able to decide how to spread it out on a calendar. Here goes, answer these questions for your business. 

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Do you know who your ideal customer, and are they following you?  They are right in front of you all day, and yet, you don't think of how you could attract more just like them. What if you spoke to the people who you know love you.  That sincerity can come through in your posts.  Here is an article that helps you know what you are doing. 


What do you say? You say the things that you love saying in the restaurant.  Fast company created a fabulous article about voice and tone.  What is your voice and tone. What are you telling guests today?  "Our special is..."  "Come in for our Restaurant Week menu"  Whatever the buzz inside your four walls, it can be the conversation in social media!  People are hungry for any food and restaurant ideas.  It's how they decide to come eat at your place (or not). Do not shy away from your voice.  It's the fun of this era--that you can get the word out to your people in posts and newsletters, relatively inexpensively!  Really, step in and do it!


There are articles all over the place on this topic.  Here's an infographic on the topic.  Simply put you have to get in the minds of your customers.  Chances are at 10am they are in their offices, settled in for the day, and already are wanting a distraction.  Then at 3pm, the same thing happens, "Dang, I need to take a break from my work. Let me hop on social media and scoot around for a few minutes".  Be there for them. 


Facebook and Instagram are your two best bets.  Snapchat if you are super savvy and have an amazing social media presence.  Avoid having all instagram posts migrate to FB.  Treat your Facebook followers better than that.  And Facebook allows you to invite people to your restaurant when you create an event.  How fantastic is that??!?!? 

Why are you doing social media?  Hopefully you've come to see it improves your visibility.  And yes, you want to get people to return to your restaurant. If you can attract new customers because of amazing posts that entice them to your place, even better.  What's the statistic about returning customers?  A good restaurant will see 75% of their customers are returning customers.  So being in touch, even minimally, is better than no contact.  Here is an infographic that digs in and helps you see that clearly.

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All this to say, marketing becomes easier with time.  If you don't start, then your business is probably in a holding pattern. Your staff might have good ideas. You've heard it before, you'll hear it again, get the conversation going with your staff. Build that habit and method to get the message out with your who, why and what.