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Writing about how to improve your marketing could mean paragraphs, or a tome.  This blog is not about good marketing or bad marketing.  It's about being good at the marketing that can build your cafe or restaurant. So this blogpost is going to be very frank.  

1.  Marketing is as unique as your USP--unique selling proposition. Marketing is as individual as your restaurant.  What works for you is not what works for someone else. Why? Because marketing is a skill. Few people are born with the skill to market.  Embrace the fact that you don't know how to market, and building your muscle. 

2.  Embrace your lack of knowledge, and start building your muscle.  There are no easy simple answers here.  What's the culture you envision for your restaurant? What is your vision (and how can you get there)?

3. Nurture your unique selling proposition. Turn your USP into your story.  Make it approachable, human and real.  Start sharing the story. It takes a while for the story to be polished like a gorgeous hunk of gold.  So start practicing.  Use the story regularly.  In this day and age, nothing moves as fast as a story, except, perhaps a wildfire.  Trying out your story with all avenues:  in person (the best), on social media is a huge one.  

So, what's the "how" of marketing?  Very simple. THE STORY.  This blogdid not set out to solve all your marketing questions.  It is intentionally getting you to activate, and push your door of fear closed, and get on with telling your story.  Seth Godin has been an advocate of being real, in life and in business.  Here is a video worth watching: