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When restaurant owners and food business owners come to Cavalletta for help, their number one priority is improving volume in their business.  Of course, no business can work well with a limited volume and nothing works until sales are moving upward!  At Cavalletta we created the Six Pillars to holistically reshape the way business owners think about their volume. The pillar system is designed to improve volume every step of the way, keeping your business healthy now and growing in the future. You gain new habits and better methods when you focus your energy on very specific changes.  


Distribution is one of Cavalletta’s Six Pillars. Distribution depends on what type of business you own. The three ways are--have guests come to you, deliver to customers (and there are many ways) and have someone distribute for you.  Simple enough, right?  Well, only when you define your best method and prioritize them.  Distribution for a restaurant may be catering, and serving your guest at the table, and a delivery service  One local restaurant in Baltimore created a takeout window which streamlined the orders and separated them from the full service portion of the restaurant. Distribution for a farm product or purveyor may be to a restaurant or a specialty store. Proper distribution, following our six pillars instruction, ensures that every aspect of delivering to your customers is seamless.


Here is an interview of a local producer in Baltimore, Maryland. She is versatile, clever and nimble in the way she distributes.  Meet Dana of Gundalow juices.  She is leader in our area.  Have fun listening and learning how she thinks about distribution.  It is essential to her business—consumers do not come to her, she must deliver to every shop that fits her niche market.  



It’s natural in the food industry for owners to default to the age-old thinking “I have too much to do. I can’t get everything done in a day.”  It certainly can feel like your work is never done.  Here is Cavalletta’s reassuring advice:  While your distribution is never perfect — today, right now, or next week—you probably have a very good idea of ways to improve it. Set an hour aside, let your staff know that you are coming in an hour late/leaving an hour late to work on a project. Then plan where you are going to sit still for an hour or two and write down the following: 

     What are your present methods?

    What new ideas do you want to explore?

    CAN YOU Create a collaborative event?  IT WILL HIGHLIGHT THE BEST OF EACH BUSINESS

Making changes requires focused time and energy.  Don’t do it alone—include your staff, get them involved, and of course, feel free to call Cavalletta Solutions when you get stumped or need help!


Thank you to Dana, for sharing your experience with all of us!