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Peace and Joy

Peace and Joy

What does Peace and Joy have to do with being a business owner?  Simple: You chose to be a business owner, and there should be peace and joy in your heart for your business and the people who run it with you.    We all know that it has it's thankless moments. This blogpost is not focused on the thankless moments.  Rather, this blogpost is about the peace and joy you can get from being a business owner.  The best way to explore such an idea, is to look at a living legend:  Ari Zingerman.  Last month I attended a two day workshop called “The Zingerman’s Experience”, with one of my clients. The Zingerman's brand has a whimsical look, but thankfully for us, his whim took shape with vision, systems and laws of business.   When you, as an owner, get stumped, you might need vision, systems and laws for you and your staff. The workshop confirmed for me, yet again, that owners need support that keeps them on track. Consider if you have vision for your business, systems for you and staff to follow, and have you read the Zingerman’s Twelve Laws of Business?


No doubt you have heard that your business needs a vision.  You might have done a brief exercise in vision, and even put it in your employee manual.  But honestly, it needs to be deeper and wider.  Vision is only useful if it permeates your business and is the message each staff member shares with fellow staff and guests/customers to your business.  The most effective way to make that happen is to set action steps that are based on the vision.  With action steps you achieve consistent strategy, and weave the vision into your business culture; it even matches the vision to the daily habits in your business.  Vision is your five year plan. Action Steps place you on that road map to getting to the goals of the five year plan. 



Simply put, systems are what makes your world go ‘round.  Systems keep your product consistent, your daily operations functioning (void of chaos), create a method for distributing your product, and creates the vibe/culture that keeps customers/guests delighted, and coming back.  The systems helps guide every aspect of your business.  It is even true that a clear vision attracts the right staff to your business, which naturally builds solid foundation for growth.  As a business advisor I know that the concept of systems is cringe-worthy: if you do not have them, it seems like it will take forever to build them.  If you have some systems but they do not give you positive results then you have to revisit whether they actually match the action plan (which supports the vision).  If the systems are not based on expectations then they are simply not useful, and are not supporting you.  Your business can be chaos-free and embody peace and joy.  And you have to jump in and create systems that your staff follow.  This will build the consistent and beautiful business you envisioned from the start.  

TWELVE NATURAL LAWS OF BUSINESS:  You may never have thought of laws for your business.  In the words of a yogi, “it is returning to your center”.  In the words of a Wall Street businessman it’s what drives your business forward.  In the words of Martha at Cavalletta, “it’s a set of rules that reassure you, when faced with a new and different issue in your business.   With that brief introduction, read through the Twelve Natural Laws of Business, and see how pertinent they are to your business.

I wish you Peace and Joy for this holiday season, and I wish you Peace and Joy for your business. Be assured that it is possible.  Start off the new year thinking and planning of how to achieve more peace and joy in 2016.