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Evergreens spell winter

Evergreens spell winter

When it comes to winter, evergreens have a fantastic message for business-owners.  Food businesses feel winter like a punch in the gut.  Common feedback from restaurants, purveyors alike, "this is such a dead time of year".   How about turning that on it's head as saying winter is a great time to reset--returning to your original, ever true message.

In the words of Luke, my GM for the last 9 years of my business, "reset".  He returned to this message at least two times in each day.  And Luke returned to it in each month, and in each year.  It's essential in each food-based business. Reset is a way to remind yourself of your original dream, and how to return to that place.  As business owners there is a constant barrage of "good ideas".  Some are from within--the entrepreneur feeding on more ideas.  We each feed ourselves with fun, new, good ideas.  It's important that the ideas are focused on the original concept.  

Any good entrepreneur is fed new "good ideas"  from your own customers.  Again, you as an entrepreneur, feed on ideas.  Here is an example.  A cafe here in town is asked by it's client to bottle three of it's salsas, and sell them.  Seems like a fantastic idea. Grow the business!   Now, take it a step farther--to bottle the salsas you need three different UPC codes, all kinds of paperwork for the health department, labelling, branding, bottles (oh, and which ones?!?!?), and quickly the original business, of the cafe's existence is off track because of an idea that seems enticing, and perhaps it will improve revenue.  It's a tangent, and will absorb time, money, effort...and perhaps the revenue from that is not as impressive as the revenue the cafe can attract if food quality and customer experience continue to be the reset mantra.   Think it through, contemplate it, and check/recheck/reset.  Does it match the original plan?  Nike says, "just do it"  Cavalletta says, "Just reset".  

Winter is that secret ingredient here--reminding you to be the evergreen--return to the original goal, and reset to what you know your best work is.