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It's autumn.  In my mind autumn evokes introspection and quietude.  You may even notice you do not need to be as social.  The falling leaves, quiet rain, the brilliant colors of those leaves ask you to pause, and pay attention to new things. Even this post has been on hold for about a week.  Looking for the right words to this describe a conundrum that constantly appears for owners of businesses.  Perpective clients learn of my wide range of skills and ask, "can you help with my catering business?", "can you attract more customers to my business, even though our retail shop is in a rural location?", "can you help me improve my sales number?".  Those are the issues I care about, and they are what I help solve, but in the quiet moment we reach deeper, and grow bigger.  In the quiet moments we dare to talk about the headier topics, "what is your mission?", "Is this what you imagined your business would become?",   and, "Are you on-track, or off-track with your original mission?"  

Depending on the client we dig deep or reach out to the farthest and widest part of their business.  But answering big questions seems to be the hardest request.  Is it because, if they say it aloud or write it down, they well then have to answer?  Or is it because they just do not want to have that journey for those answers?  Has our fast paced world caused us to think in the moment?   Setting intention and allowing focus, is, really and truly, the best approach.

Take time to stop. Take in your surroundings. Decide:  are you stuck? Or are ready to align with your original mission? Are you permitting your day-to-day operations to creep in and hold you captive. 

Now, allow the intention to remind you of your original path and vision for your business.