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Whether you are running a food-related business for a moment or for years you have a nagging voice in the back of your mind, it's saying, "keep going". It's the perfect phrase to listen to, because you know it's true, you have to keep going.  

But you need energy to "keep going".  So where, oh where, do you get energy?  I suggest you starting conversations with yourself about your quality.  Quality of the experience, quality of the taste of your food, quality of your staff morale.  Question your business' quality each and every day.  Think on a very high level, about what you created, and is this the manifestation of your desires.  Ask if this sandwich/cheese/pickle is what you meant it would be when you started.  If you are like me, our cafe kept quality at the forefront everyday.  We did quality control checks.  Sometimes a quality control check is even a little humorous: I would get a hankering for an egg sandwich--spinach, tomato, bacon and provolone, and so I would walk up and make it, or have my staff make it.  Did they make it the same way? The whole while there would be banter back and forth with the staff, where I would say in a humorous tone, "this is just a quality control check: I'd need a lil'italian sandwich".  Staff knew what was happening:  50% hunger, 50% quality control.  The side effect?  It kept morale high--they knew I cared that they made my recipe the way I wanted it to be made. High morale leads your staff to serve in a quality manner. And frankly, my staff made quality-control checking a pleasure.  

This is where energy to go on, and grow lies.  It does not lie in micromanaging your business or your staff.  It does lie in your quality operation.  If you want to grow a single part of your business, you need the reassurance that quality is paramount and unwavering.

And never forget, good music in a cafe/restaurant/commercial kitchen is paramount. Click on this link to get groovin'

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